Fire Department Regrets Cyber ​​1 Building Fire Report is Late

Fire Department Regrets Cyber ​​1 Building Fire Report is Late

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Firefighters have managed to extinguish the fire at Cyber ​​1 Building , Mampang, South Jakarta, which caught fire. The fire department said the fire suppression was successful but they regretted that they were late in getting the fire report.
“From the process of extinguishing the fire, thank God, it went smoothly, but we regret that the possibility of submitting to the fire department was too late,” said the Head of Platoon Group A Sector 3 Mampang, Sudrajat, at the location, Thursday (2/12/2021).
According to Sudrajat, the handling of the building management was a little late. He then told about the condition of the 3 victims when the officers managed to get into the source of the fire.
“The fire wasn’t big right away, it had to be small first. So the handling from the management was a bit slow,” explained Sudrajat.
“And it was found that there were 3 victims in one room who were already in a state of unconsciousness. Two died. One died on the spot, one died in the hospital, one is in the process of treatment until now I have not updated ,” he continued.
Sudrajat also said thick smoke was an obstacle during the extinguishing process. Firefighters provide breathing apparatus during the fire fighting process so as not to run out of oxygen.
“It is very difficult. The problem is smoke. The smoke is very thick and difficult to penetrate, so in this firefighting operation we have to use a breathing apparatus,” said Sudrajat.
“We can’t breathe without the aid of this device, because just five minutes in a room full of smoke, we can pass out,” he added.
Finally, Sudrajat also said that in the process of extinguishing, three blower units were installed in the Cyber ​​1 building. It was intended to expel the thick smoke that was in the building.
“Three blowers are used to expel the smoke. Because if it is not expelled, the smoke may still be in the room. So, to disperse it by sprinkling it and assisted by a smoke repellent so that the smoke can come out,” said Sudrajat.

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