Neymar must be out for up to 8 weeks after being hit by a horror tackle

Neymar must be out for up to 8 weeks after being hit by a horror tackle

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Neymar is  confirmed to have to be sidelined for up to 8 weeks after suffering an ankle injury due to a horror tackle during Paris Saint-Germain ( PSG ) against Saint-Etienne in the French League, Sunday (28/11) local time.
Neymar suffered an ankle or ankle injury following a tackle from behind in the final minutes of the second half. The problem, Neymar’s left ankle was bent due to the wrong footing when landing.

After the fall, Neymar immediately screamed and moaned in pain. He even cried when he was kicked off the field.

As a result of the injury, PSG confirmed Neymar had to be out for six to eight weeks.

“The tests last night confirmed that Neymar Jr suffered a left ankle injury with ligament injury. It is estimated that there are no available six to eight weeks,” said PSG would conduct another inspection after 72 hours quoted from the PSG .

After the match against Saint-Etienne, Neymar wrote a message to his supporters to stay motivated and promised to come back stronger than ever.

“Unfortunately, this kind of setback is part of an athlete’s life. Now, lift your heads and look ahead. I will be back to be better and stronger,” Neymar wrote on Instagram.

PSG is currently increasingly firmly at the top of the French League standings with a notch 40 points. The French giants are 12 points clear of nearest rivals Rennes who are in second place.

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